Feeding the soul

So you've found a great price for a last minute trip to the sunshine. You have most of your holiday days left and, let's face it, there are countless reasons why you shouldn’t go; you’re saving, it isn’t worth the hassle of airports, you don’t speak the language, the list goes on. Don't talk yourself out of doing something that's good for you - take that trip, throw yourself into a new experience. It's good for the body and the mind.


Normality is a paved road; it's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow.
- Vincent Van Gough

While long haul flights can take their toll, your body usually recovers pretty quickly. And once you get there, it's a great excuse to sleep in and catch up on that much needed R+R. Little siesta? Don’t mind if I do!

Switch up your usual fitness regime for a walk along the shore, a spot of beach volleyball, perhaps? Maybe some snorkeling in those crystal clear waters! Not a fan of the beach? Take a day trip to a museum or a market. But, if its a choice between walking from your desk to the coffeepot or from your hammock to the cooler… just saying!

Of course, sunshine puts us in a good mood. So if you’re able to get away for a break, even a quick weekend trip; go for it! Not only does it improve your mood, but getting that extra boost of Vitamin D can seriously help your health! From strengthening your immune system, helping absorb calcium and even improving your mood. That’s why it's known as the happy vitamin.

"A change is as good as a rest"

Traveling offers the opportunity to disrupt the routine. Yoga on the beach, horse riding through the wilds, swimming in a waterfall - anything is possible when you’re on holiday! As corny as it sounds, you might try something that ends up changing your life.

With all the spare time and freedom to do what you want, home-related stresses will become a distant memory. Take time for yourself and you'll find that when you return, your mood, memory and concentration are better!

If nothing else, do it for the memories. Spending time doing what you want, getting out of the rat race, enjoying time with family and friends; that is what life is all about! In two weeks’ time (or two days’ time!), when you are back at work, you can continue to enjoy the happy memories of your trip, and hopefully feel some of the stress-free vibes returning.

So what is the hold up? Book that holiday - feed your soul!


Author bio: Written by Rebecca Brown, writer and editor at Sunway.ie – Ireland’s leading holiday provider offering more than 70 destination worldwide.