Finding Space

A few weeks ago, I signed up to Headspace. Headspace is a guided meditation app that promotes a daily practice. It's available both as a free and a paid service with meditation 'packs' tailored towards things like Managing Anxiety, Relationships, Creativity and loads more. Definitely start with the free one first to make sure it's the right one for you.

So what have I learned or achieved in the three weeks since I started? Not a huge amount at this stage, to be perfectly honest. I did notice that I have used some of the tricks from the sessions in my day-to-day, things like body scanning. This has literally just started happening in the last three or four days though, so meditating is definitely not instant gratification. It takes time. And effort.

Outside of applying the tools to my daily life, I'm not doing as well as I could or should be. My longest streak is only three days. It's not about finding the time, there's 10 minutes available in every day. There is! I think it's about finding the head space (excuse the pun!). So I'm going to try it first thing in the morning now, when my mind is fresh and open. I'll set my alarm for 7, rather than 7.15, and do my meditation first thing. Well that's the current plan. The joy of learning a new skill is just as much about slotting it into your life as it is about learning the action.

I'd love you guys to join me on this journey toward finding head space. Do you use a different app? Or website? Or do you simply meditate unaided? I'll share my (honest) progress with you all, please feel free to share yours with me - trish@thehandmadesoapcompany.ie. And I'll share any hints or tips that I've found helpful too. Let's do this.