Grandma Quigley's

Donagh's grandmother blended this sweet festive scent for us. We call it Grandma Quigley's.

We love it so much that, a couple of months ago we made a whole batch of soap & cut it up into little christmas trees to share with you all. Like with all our handmade soaps, we left them to cure on the racks for 6 weeks.

We gathered them together last week and threaded them with twine, so you can hang yours on your christmas tree (if you like!) or in your shower for a little boost of festive goodness in the mornings. 

What's in it? Well, firstly the soap is made with all natural coconut and vegetable extracts, then we add the essential oils. They're measured according to Grandma Quigley's secret recipe - we've got to keep some of the magic here! She uses clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, pine and sweet orange.

We'll include one with every order throughout the month of December, while stocks last.