Random Acts of Kindness

Yesterday, I paid the toll on the motorway for the person behind me. I didn't know them ​ of course, ​but I hope it made them smile. It certainly made me smile. ​ I can't claim credit for the idea, I did it because somebody else did it for me and it made my day (it was one of those days!).

It made me think. It didn't matter if I was the one paying the toll or the one receiving a free pass, both scenarios made me smile. Alot. It also made me think about the power of a stranger with nothing to gain but feeling good. ​

Lots of great thinkers over the ages believed happiness is linked to our moral values and ethics. Perhaps it could be something as simple as a random act of kindness? If your act of kindness makes one person happy today (or two!), there is the possibility that it could make a huge difference in anywhere in the world tomorrow. ​

A simple smile can also have far reaching effects. It's actually quite difficult for our brains not to smile back. Smiling is literally contagious. ​

We'd love to hear about some random acts of kindess that you've experienced, as the doer or the receiver. Share your stories and help us spread the joy!