"The Male Grooming" Review our stuff

THE MALE GROOMING REVIEW did a piece on our new and improved Men’s Shaving Range.

‘The products themselves are brilliant. From the packaging to the actual formulas, this collection has got it pretty spot on. It is clearly evident that time and care has been given to the branding of this range. The packaging is classic yet quirky, with a modern twist that gives it that relevant look and feel. In fact, we’d go as far as to say this men’s grooming range is packaged better than most of the other brands of its kind that come through our doors for review every week.’

We are feeling the love from them and their extensive review of our products really reflect where we are at with our Men’s Range. The Male Grooming guys are going to have more feedback on the rest of the range once they get a chance to go through them all.So keep your eyes and ears pealed!

Check out the whole review here