The Apps We Can't Live Without

Recently we decided to turn our desktops into a much more organised place, both physically (it's a work in progress) and technologically. We researched the best apps going, that translate from desktop to phone and came across some real winners. But naturally it started a debate over the apps we use all the time, and in some cases, can't live without.

Here's a list of the apps we love, and why we love them, in three words. Can you guess who picked which app?

1. Pocket: Read it later.

2. Foodie: Serious food envy.

3. Ripl: Upgrade your Instagram.

4. monday.com: Colour-coded organisation.

5. Two Dots: Simple addictive puzzles.

6. RTE Radio: Donagh's firm favourite.

7. Headspace: Learn to breathe.

8. 7 Minute Workout: Free, fast fitness.

9. Moon Phase: A nighttime pastime.

10. P Tracker: Because who remembers?