The Holiday HQ Gift Guide 2019

Eco Friendly Skincare Christmas Gift Guide

We've got you covered for Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Sisters, Brothers, Secret Santas and everybody in-between. Click on the images below to shop.

This year get them something they'll really love. And, hey if all else fails you can always get them a gift voucher!



We all struggle with Secret Santa and often end up buying something for the sake of buying something - sound familiar?! Pick them up a nice selection of hand creams, a classic handmade soap bar and pop them in a gift bag. Sorted!


Stay in the good books.
The gift that keeps on giving, a warming fragrance for the entrance hall and a bar of soap that smells like a day in the wild, in a good way.



Keep it simple. Keep it safe.
Go for a monochromatic Hand Wash or Room Mist or treat them to an at-home manicure treatment with our Bergamot & Eucalyptus Hand Care gift Set.



Send them off with a fragrant reminder of home.
Travel-friendly skincare, pocket-size hand creams and kissably soft beards. 



For busy days and oh so cosy nights.
Everything you need to wind down from a busy day and ease into a cozy night. Candles, Bath Salts, the works.