We're strong believers in supporting those that go above and beyond to help others. While we receive thousands of requests every year from wonderful charities and voluntary organisations, we are unable to be involved in them all, as much as we really would love to. In order to make a focused difference, we choose two charities every year to sponsor. 

This year, we are humbled and proud to sponsor two truly outstanding Irish charities. Both these charities hold a particularly special place in our heads and hearts. Supporting them is an important part of what we are. We believe in the work they are doing.

Native Woodland Trust

Dedicated to the preservation of Ireland’s remaining ancient woodlands and the restoration of our original eco system, the Trust’s latest site, Girley Bog, has been part of our founder, Donagh’s walking route with his dog for years now. We are a proud corporate member of The Native Woodland Trust helping to support the Irish Environment. They are also committed to the restoration of Ireland's original climax ecosystem, through the re-creation of woodlands, using only native seed. 


Aware is a voluntary Irish mental health organisation that supports those with depression and bi-polar disorders. They also provide assistance and guidance to concerned loved ones and those who are supporting somebody through depression. Put simply, this is a cause that we believe should be supported and talked about far and wide, so that’s exactly what we’re doing.