A tribute to Art Deco

I live in a village called Kells. In Kells is an old Art Deco style bakery. It is in a very prominent position in the town but has been derelict for the past 30 years.

At one stage THMSC was in negotiations to do something with it but it never came to pass. Nevertheless I pass the building everyday and it is a beautiful building.

A lot of our design to date has been our interpretations of botanical elements, without a straight line in sight. The inspiration for the Art Deco range was triggered by my contact with the old bakery and the possibility of exploring the lush, beautiful geometric patterns typical of the Art Deco period.

I must confess that I always have had a leaning towards these type of repeating geometric patterns. Back when I made my living from thatching roofs I always has some straw craft project on the go. For 2 whole winters it was straw marquetry. As far as I know the peak or glory days of straw marquetry were in the Art Deco period. Here are some photographs of some panels I made (when it was too wet or windy to go thatching).

And here are some examples of masterful straw marquetry work

I think a lot of the current revival of all things Gin and Flappers and Dandys and 1920’s must also seep into our psyche. Maybe the Art Deco range is just my submersive tip of the hat to Peaky Blinders, my favourite show of the last few years. The furniture styling alone in that show deserves some serious accolades.

So there it is, our Art Deco range is inspired by and a tribute to the old bakery in Kells, Gin, Straw Marquetry, The Charleston and Peaky Blinders.

Go Cillian.