Earth Day every day

We've been changing things up over the past few years. Working on, what we call Our Green Journey. It's not without its challenges and the destination is constantly changing as new initiatives make business and manufacturing more and more sustainable. These are the first steps in a long journey and it's all worth it to offer skincare and home fragrance products that literally don't cost the earth.

Our bottles are all made from recycled materials and all our boxes are either recycled or sustainable. Those are some of the more obvious ways we can be better. Other ways include how we treat our effluent, where we source our ingredients and how we power our factory. You can read all about that on our

If you're interested in some small and inexpensive ways to produce less waste in your home, here are some of our favourite easy wins:

Dish Cloths 

It's easier than you think to switch to washable dish cloths. And there's a real sense of satisfaction the first time you reuse one you have washed.

Dish Scrub

Wooden dish brushes with removable and compostable brush heads make this a simple and thrifty switch.


They're available in a great variety of materials from bamboo to pasta to metal. All of which are either compostable or reusable.  


The next time a light bulb goes in your home, replace it with an LED bulb. They use much less electricity and last up to 25 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

Reusable Takeaway Cup

There are so many to choose from. Keep an eye out for one that is recyclable at end of life too.

Home Salad Garden

Both spinach and rocket lettuce grow really well in windows, the heat from the sun during the day is enough to sprout a usable salad garden for the summer months at least. Even in Ireland! It's a great money saver and of course less waste food waste. If you had the space, baby tomatoes are really easy to grow too.


(Re) Recycling 

Our bottles are all made from PCR Plastic. This means our bottles are made from recycled bottles. They are 999% recyclable. The only part that is not currently recycle in your household recycling is the spring in our pumps. So, in order to recycle our bottles, simple remove the spring from the pump and throw the pump and the bottle into your household recycling.