Yoga in a sauna (sort of...)

The start of the year is trade show season, which means it's a busy time of year in Soapyland. I have to do a lot of traveling and any hint of a routine goes swiftly out the window.

When I'm not on the road, I normally get to the gym twice a week - as much for my head health as my heart. So, when I am on the road I need to find an alternative option to wind down.

Recently, I was in Birmingham for a week long trade show. After a couple of days spent setting up, and the first long day standing on that unforgiving concrete floor, a bit of exercise was in order.

I spotted a hot yoga studio and figured it would be a nice, relaxing way to end the evening - get me in the zone for a good night's sleep. The naivety! Off I went to my first ever hot yoga class at 8pm in the middle of a long and tiring week. As the name suggests, it's basically like doing yoga in a sauna. It was brilliant, I felt great. I was ready for the best night's sleep of my life.

Unfortunately, it wasn't to be. 3am came and I was still wired! So logically, I thought I'll go back and do another class. This is just my body on survival levels, another class with definitely tire me out. Survival or not, it worked. I slept like a baby.

I'm converted, but I only go in the mornings now. Just in case!